Memoirs of a Lifetime

This creative writing workshop will allow seniors to remember, reimagine and celebrate their most precious memories. The morning will begin with a fun exercise that gives each participant an opportunity to share something creatively with the group.
From here, 10 questions will be asked one at a time, for each participant to reflect on and 10 minutes will be given to write, draw, paint or make a response to that question. Soft music will be played to inspire thoughts.
At the end of the workshop, each individual will share the responses they feel comfortable doing, with the group.
Memoirs of a Lifetime is a chance to remember the amazing journey each of us have taken in our lives so far and celebrate all the amazing stories that make each of our lives rich with magic moments.

October 24, 10:30-1

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This workshop is funded by Ontario Arts Council

Tree of Strength

Tall and steady, shedding and renewing with the change of seasons, enduring and growing – Trees are an excellent metaphor to describe the resilience of the human self. As many of us face feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and fear in these recent times, we may have trouble remembering or drawing upon the strengths we possess that often carry us through difficult times. Join facilitator Zahra Halfal to pause, breathe, and turn inwards to channel our creative flow in this visual art exercise to honor and remind us of the goodness and strength within us.

September 12, 10:30-1

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This workshop is funded by Ontario Arts Council

Character Design Tutorials by Graphic Designer, Huzaifa

View a 13 Character Design Series focused on basic fundamentals and drawing theory. Each video will help break down common drawing barriers and allow beginners and newcomers to use simple tools and ideas to communicate their amazing ideas onto a blank canvas. Whether you want to be a professional artist one day or design as a hobby, this series is for you.

These tutorials are funded by Art Reach and Toronto Arts Council.

Art and Self Care Workshops

Art Ignite is offering 8 workshops art and self-care workshops from May 2nd to June 20th. These will happen online every Saturday from 10:30 – 1. To register, email

Session 1 – Paint your favourite quote

Session 2 – Tattoos

Session 3 – Enhancing Creativity through Meditation

Session 4 – What is love?

Session 5 – A Letter for your Creative Self

Session 6 – You’re the hero

Session 7 – What’s in your future?

Session 8 – What’s inside you?

These workshops will culminate with an exhibition. Location and date TBD.

This is a Cultural Hotspot project in partnership with the City of Toronto.