Remembering Home


Description: ‘Remembering Home’ is a community art activity that explores the themes of memory, movement, transition, and safe space. For everyone, the idea of a home and a safe space has changed, especially in the event of a pandemic. Akshata Naik, a facilitator and multidisciplinary artist, uses this workshop to engage participants in larger discussions while painting a birdhouse that serves as a metaphor of refuge, improvised space, and a home for birds. She compares this to nature and birds migrating in search of food, shelter, and a safe place to live similar to humans and their need for migration.

Artist Bio: Akshata Naik is a contemporary and a multidisciplinary visual artist. Born and raised in Mumbai, she is a newcomer to Canada. Her works reflect upon her lived experiences of moving homes, cities and countries through a lens of immigration, violence, displacement, home and belonging. She works towards co-creating with her viewers an immersive experience and interactive art installations which consists of digital drawings, paintings, videos, ephemeral temporary sculptures and art in virtual reality. Her work has been exhibited locally and internationally at institutions such as THEMUSEUM, Kitchener (2021) Nuit Blanche Toronto, Gladstone Hotel (2019) Gallery Espace, Delhi (2020) Artcore Gallery, UK (2016) 

Materials: Miniature wooden birdhouse (ones easily available at Dollar store) acrylic paint, brushes, markers, glitter, sequins, other decoration materials easily available at home.

The workshop will take place virtually on August 27th, from 9:30 am – 12 pm.

To register, email

This workshop is funded by Toronto Arts Council

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